This is my journal to document my journey since I discovered I have the dreaded Big C. In my case, it is the breast cancer (BC in short). By blogging, I hope to offload all the information I have received thru researches and from my team of Doctors. I will share my day to day experiences in my battle against this disease. This blog is by all means just a reflection of my thoughts and feelings about cancer, and not of a professional medical practitioner.

I am a typical full-time working mom to 4 beautiful children and a devoted wife to a lovely man. And with that, I must survive this journey to make many more wonderful journeys with my loved ones…


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hasnita, continue to stay positive and strong and you will defeat this disease!! I admire your fighting spirit and your dedication towards your family. Big hugs!


  2. May Allah help you in your journey. This test only gets you closer to Him. Recommended reading : Killing Cancer not people by Robert G. Right.


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